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Cutting Boards In Every Kitchen

You should learn how to properly clean and care for your boards to eliminate bacteria. It is worth having several boards to meet your basic food prep needs.  Whenever raw meat of any kind is handled and cut special care must be taken to reduce and hopefully eliminate the possibility of spreading harmful bacteria. We have a wide variety of cutting boards starting as small as a cheese cutting board up through magnificent mobile kitchen islands. There are several kitchen items that are a must have for any properly suited kitchen. Among these is a really good cutting board  which come in many varieties.  So the first thing you want to do is decide which kind will work best for you.

Cutting Boards in the Kitchen

Finding the right board iq option deposit is easy when you know what to look for. First, you want to notice how much counter space you have, since cutting boards are often kept out even when not in use you want to make sure you have room on your counter for the size of cutting board you’re getting. Next, think about what kind of things you’ll be cutting. Do you cook a lot of big meals that require a lot of food preparation or do you usually slice smaller foods like cheese.

Wood, Bamboo, or Synthetic?

Here's the big question because it not only depends on style and function, but it brings up the question of safety. Some folks purchase wood because they like the look but remember if you use your cutting board a lot, it's not going to look the same in a couple of years because of the wear and tear. Eventually the surface is going to have a lot of cut marks. Look carefully into the pro's an con's of each option.  If you are concerned about keeping your knives sharper longer, then you should seriously consider end grain boards.  They are best at keeping your cutlery from dulling too quickly. You need not worry so much about whether the board is end-grain or edge-grain unless you're a professional. A hard maple edge-grain board will last a lifetime with proper care. Give some consideration to buying Bamboo boards which are as hard as Eastern Maple boards and are appropriate for chefs as well.


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